Parcel Audit

Parcel Audit

Whether you ship hundreds of parcels annually — or tens of thousands — chances are you’re not auditing and recapturing the cost of incorrectly billed shipments, which unfortunately can account for 3% of your parcel budget.



KDL QuickRates' auditing service validates over 40+ charges including: duplicate billings, late, damaged or lost shipments, manifest errors, rating discrepancies, address correction charges, service shift lost opportunity, dimensional weight verification and inactive/incorrect account number charges.

Parcel carriers recognize and respect the accuracy of our inquiries and work with KDL QuickRates to correct mistaken invoices.



When collaborating with parcel carriers, the vast majority of shippers lack the technology to view a clear and comprehensive profile of their shipping characteristics, how that relates to service needs and pricing, and furthermore how that compares to your peers in the marketplace. KDL QuickRates can help simply and strengthen this process generating savings and cost avoidance.

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We save thousands of dollars each month in recoveries all verified through robust dashboards they provide.

Doug C

Dir Operations - Dental Supplies Co.

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